Speed Camera System is the most accurate and versatile speed enforcement equipment on the market today
American Traffic Solutions’ Hits Social Media Milestones in 2012. Road Safety messaging reaching huge audiences.
An analysis conducted by the City of St. Louis found red-light running had decreased an average of 55 percent since program inception.
American Traffic Solutions - The industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end photo enforcement school bus safety solution.
In a review of red-light safety cameras in New Jersey, Gloucester Township saw a 95% decrease in red-light running at one location.
SafeTrax Railroad Crossing Enforcement - American Traffic Solutions Inc.
Since July 2010, the Collier County red-light safety camera program has captured nearly 14,000 violations. Collier County has an exceptional payment rate of more 81 percent.
Code Compliance - American Traffic Solutions Inc.
ATS Receives Arizona Corporate Excellence (ACE) Awards as one of the fastest growing companies in the state.
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American Traffic Solutions Introduces CrossingGuard School Bus Stop Arm Violation Enforcement System to monitor and enforce traffic around a stopped school bus.
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Jan 05

Red-Light Running Crashes Continue to Decrease in Florida

TEMPE, AZ –The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ (DHSMV) recently released third annual Red-Light Camera Summary Report, analyzed data from 68 police agencies in the cities and towns in Florida where red-light safety cameras are deployed.

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Dec 29

American Traffic Solutions Review Finds Vehicles Most Likely to Be Caught Running Red Lights

TEMPE, AZ – New Top-10 listings from American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the nation’s leading provider of road safety cameras, names the Honda Accord as the most frequent make and model of vehicle caught running red lights in 2014, and finds most red-light runners were driving vehicles painted gray.

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Dec 22

American Traffic Solutions Share Worst Red-Light Runners of 2014 With Hopes of Deterring Red-light Running

TEMPE, Ariz. (December 22, 2014) – As this shocking new video shows, red-light runners remain a dangerous threat at intersections in large and small cities and towns across the United States.

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Dec 19

Amicus Filed in Support of Florida Red-Light Safety Camera Programs

Ft. Lauderdale, FL — An amicus brief has been filed on behalf of supporters of Florida’s Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act. The brief, signed by The Florida League of Cities, several other Florida municipalities, individuals, hospitals and non-profit organizations, and providers of traffic safety solutions, was filed in response to a recent ruling by Florida’s Fourth District Court Appeal in the case of City of Hollywood v. Arem.

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Dec 16

PlatePass® Fleet Toll Program Adds Georgia Peach Pass® to National Coverage

Scottsdale, AZ – American Traffic Solutions (ATS) Fleet Services is pleased to announce that PlatePass®, the company’s fleet toll program, has added the state of Georgia to its nationwide coverage.

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Dec 04

American Traffic Solutions Social Media Following Continues to Grow

TEMPE, AZ – ATS is commemorating its social media milestones with a video message thanking its followers for helping spread its mission of “making life safer and easier on the road ahead.”

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Nov 10

American Traffic Solutions Fleet Services Names Vincent Brigidi Senior Vice President ATS Fleet Services

TEMPE, AZ –American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is pleased to announce the addition of Vincent Brigidi, Senior Vice President, General Manager ATS Fleet Services.

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Nov 05

American Traffic Solutions Video Explains Florida Red-Light Safety Camera Violation Process

TEMPE, AZ – American Traffic Solutions (ATS), Florida and North America’s leading red-light safety camera provider, further explains Florida’s red-light running violation process in a public service announcement video now available on YouTube.

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Oct 23

Violations Drop 74% Since 2010 at New Jersey Intersections with ATS’ Red-Light Safety Cameras

TEMPE, AZ – For the third consecutive year, the number of red-light running violations, captured by American Traffic Solutions’ red-light safety cameras in New Jersey is on the decline, indicating a widespread change in driver behavior.

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Oct 20

American Traffic Solutions Recognizes National School Bus Safety Week

TEMPE, AZ — American Traffic Solutions (ATS) recognizes National School Bus Safety Week on Oct. 20-24, 2014, reminding motorists to exercise caution when school buses are stopped and boarding or disembarking children.

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