• There was a 24% decrease in fatal red-light running crashes –2012 IIHS Report
  • In 2014, red-light safety cameras changed driver behavior by 94% in Florida. –ATS Analysis
  • About half of the deaths in red-light running crashes are pedestrians & occupants in other vehicles who are hit by red-light runners.
  • Red-light safety cameras saved 159 lives in 14 U.S. Cities- IIHS
  • Red-light safety cameras are proven to change driver behavior, reduce the number of intersection collisions & save lives
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Red-Light Safety

ATS Red-Light Safety Camera Solution is the combination of industry-leading technology, accurate and timely processing, as well as award-winning program support that delivers Customer Success. Maximizing program success requires all of these components work together in concert.

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AutoPatrol 3D

ATS delivers the most successful Red-Light Safety Camera programs because our systems identify more red-light violations, capture the strongest possible evidence, and deliver processing excellence, local and remote servicing, as well as overall program support. 

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"When asked if we still need this program, the majority of people still said yes. And I notice when I am on the road that, even at the intersections where there are no cameras, more people are approaching those intersections more cautiously."
Kevin Rambosk, Collier County Sheriff
Naples Daily News (Florida), Feb. 28, 2012
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"So far the numbers have shown that there are a decrease in collisions at those intersections. And here in traffic our job is the safe and expeditious flow of traffic across the city, and so far at those seven [intersections] it has certainly proved to be the point."
Tim Beam, Tucson Police Department Sergeant
KGUN TV-9 (Arizona), Feb. 18, 2012
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"It's about changing people's behaviors. Since we've had them here, we've reduced crashes here in Fort Worth 24 percent this year. Previous years have been 33 percent."
Randy Burkett, Fort Worth Traffic Engineer
KDAF TV Channel 33 (Texas), Sept. 13, 2011
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"It has saved lives. We've seen a reduction of 21 percent in roadway fatalities throughout the county since we started the program."
Christopher Mistron, Traffic Safety Educator for Nassau's Department of Public Works
AAA New York Car and Travel Magazine, August 2011
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"I believe that … we've seen the crashes overall in the city go down because people have told us that they are paying more attention. So I think it has a deterrent effect and it makes people more aware of when and how they drive."
Mike Massoni, South San Francisco Police Chief
NBC Bay Area, California, Jan. 10, 2012
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"We said from the beginning it would modify people's behavior, and that's what is happening."
Troy Morgan, Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Corporal
Carrollwood Patch (Florida), Feb. 21, 2012
Red-Light Safety Camera- American Traffic Solutions, Inc. is a provider of solutions for red light safety
"The original reason why Lynnwood even started looking into photo enforcement was due to daily calls to the department from citizens in Lynnwood and others driving through complaining about all of the people running red lights in this city. We don't get those daily calls anymore."
Shannon Sessions, Lynnwood Police Department's spokeswoman
The Daily Herald/HeraldNet.com (Washington), May 2, 2011

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How ATS’ AutoPatrol Delivers Customer Success

Superior Violation Detection & Capture – The AutoPatrol 3D tracking radar identifies more red-light violations.  With the advantage of vehicle tracking – up to 32 at a time, multiple concurrent violations can be detected, resulting in more violations captured.

Crystal Clear Images – ATS captures the strongest possible evidence with high-resolution still images and high-definition video to clearly show the violating vehicle, its license plate and additional evidence.

Processing Excellence – Our Axsis Violation Processing System is built to ensure accuracy and validity. Axsis is integrated with court systems to provide efficient access to evidence packages, court hearing schedules and more.

Community Outreach & Legal, Legislative Support – ATS’ award-winning communications and legal services support our customers to ensure the overall and enduring success of their programs by assisting with public awareness activities and legal expertise.