• In Des Moines, WA, speeding decreased 82% in the first 6 months the speed safety camera program was live
  • NHTSA estimates that the economic cost of speed-related crashes is $40.4 billion each year, $76,865 per minute or $1,281 per second.
  • A crash on a road with a speed limit of 65 mph or greater is more than twice as likely to result in a fatality than a crash on a road with a speed limit of 45 or 50 mph
  • Speeding-related crashes claimed 9,944 lives in 2011, representing nearly 31 percent of all traffic fatalities that year
  • On average, more than 100 children are killed every year while walking to and from school and about 25,000 are injured
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Speed Safety

A Powerful, Flexible Combination of Advanced Technology and Expertise. The ATS AutoPatrol Speed Compliance Camera Solution leverages the most advanced detection technology and combines it with high-definition, high-resolution imaging to deliver an unmatched system to identify and capture speeding vehicles. Our end-to-end solution provides turnkey citation processing, delivery and payment services.  

Speed Safety
“We have noticed a decrease in people speeding around the school since the cameras have been up, which means that it’s safer for kids to be walking.”
Aimee Miner, Lake Forest Park Elementary School Principal
Shoreline-Lake Forest Park Patch (Washington), June 13, 2011

The AutoPatrol

AutoPatrol offers unmatched flexibility to customize solutions to achieve our customers’ safety goals.

Superior Detection Capabilities:

2D Ranging Radar–Progressive, two-dimensional ranging radar enables the system to detect speed infractions and determine in which lane the vehicle is traveling, resulting in substantially high volumes of captured violations. It is IACP and FCC certified in the U.S. Our 2D radar monitors up to six lanes of traffic and is capable of concurrent dual direction. 

3D Tracking Radar–Based on similar technology to air traffic control radar, this system provides true speed safety by tracking the distance, angle and speed of each vehicle. With the added benefit of vehicle tracking–up to 32 at a time, multiple concurrent violations can be detected and captured. It is capable of monitoring up to 6 lanes of traffic and dual direction. 

Crystal Clear Images–Two high-definition images are taken of each violation event. Violation data is embedded into the images, providing string prosecutable evidence. Web-enabled high-resolution video is collected to enhance the strength of the evidence.

Deployment Options–Only ATS offers the breadth of deployment options that allows us to truly customize programs.

  • Fixed
  • Mobile
  • Portable and Transportable Containers

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Deployment Options

The AutoPatrol Portable Speed Safety system represents a compact, highly portable package thatcan be easily deployed in difficult-to-access locations where traditional speed enforcement systems are unable to go.  The portable units are designed for manned or unmanned deployment, and can be positioned rapidly and easily , enabling municipalities to achieve greater speed enforcement coverage. Each unit utilizes the same AutoPatrol™ 2D ranging radar technology and a high-resolution color camera, all enclosed within the compact, self-contained housing.

The AutoPatrol Fixed Speed Safety system provides municipalities with effective and continuous speed coverage with its highly accurate tracking radar capabilities, high-resolution color camera and unobtrusive, tamper-proof housing.  Unlike traditional fixed speed systems, the non-invasive AutoPatrol system requires no pavement cutting or maintenance.

The AutoPatrol Mobile Speed Safety system provides law enforcement with highly accurate and flexible mobile speed enforcement capabilities.  The uniquely compact system can be fitted into almost any vehicle, from larger SUVS to a standard police cruiser.  Incorporating advanced 2D ranging radar technology and a high-resolution color camera, the AutoPatrol offers municipalities the ability to take state-of-the-art speed enforcement on the open road.

The ATS Portable and Transportable deployment options give agencies tremendous flexibility for their speed compliance programs. The detection and camera systems are housed in one movable unit. These deployment types fit into very small spaces, which make them ideal for areas not large enough for a vehicle. These options are highly efficient because they can be moved based on the changing needs of the community and can be adapted as technology advances. 

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