2014’s Worst Red-Light Runners

View the press release here: http://atsol.com/american-traffic-solutions-share-worst-red-light-runners-2014-hopes-deterring-red-light-running/

As this shocking new video shows, red-light runners remain a dangerous threat at intersections in large and small cities and towns across the United States. ATS, the leading provider in road safety camera programs across North America, is releasing this video as a public service message reminding everyone of the dangers of running a red-light.

•A driver in Jersey City, NJ, runs through a red light and loses control of his vehicle, crashing through the intersection and taking out crosswalk signage.

• A red-light runner in Knoxville, TN, plows through an intersection at a high rate of speed, narrowly missing a group of pedestrians.

• In Montgomery, AL, a sedan is dangerously T-boned by a red-light runner in a pickup truck.

• In Orange Park, FL, a bicyclist barely escapes harm when the traffic signal is ignored by an accelerating vehicle.

• In Tucson, AZ, an out-of-control vehicle runs the traffic light and crosses into oncoming traffic.

• A taxi-cab in Wilmington, NC, is the victim of an angular crash when an SUV disregards the traffic signal.

Red-light safety cameras have proven to be an effective tool across the country:

• According to the Florida Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA), fatal crashes at red-light safety camera intersections on state roads have been reduced by 49%, resulting in an estimated 18 lives saved.

•When comparing pre-camera and post-camera installation in Gwinnett County, GA, angle crashes have been reduced by more than 50% at several intersections.

• In New Jersey, right-angle crashes were reduced by 86%

• Murfreesboro, TN, reported a 52% reduction in crashes at all signalized intersections when comparing pre-camera to post-installation crash data.

•The city of Miami reported a decrease upwards of 30% after examining pre-camera and post-camera crash data.

“The collision footage captured by our road safety cameras illustrates a serious problem on our nation’s roadways. Red-light running kills hundreds and injures more than one-hundred thousand every year. Sadly, these collisions are completely avoidable,” said Charles Territo, ATS Senior Vice President of Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs. “We encourage all drivers to obey the law and stop on red.”