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Tempe, AZ — American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the leading red-light safety camera provider in the U.S., is pleased to announce that the city of Sunrise, Florida, on Tuesday, voted to extend its red-light safety camera program for another three years.

Sunrise began its road safety camera program in August 2011, and currently operates 19 cameras at 10 intersections. Progress to date shows drivers are getting the message to stop on red. Since the program began, the average monthly number of violations per camera has decreased 75 percent and the recidivism rate, measuring repeat red-light runners, stands at a low 11 percent. Both results indicate drivers are changing their behavior from running red lights and risking a dangerous collision, to slowing down and stopping on red.

“ATS is honored to remain the road safety camera vendor for the city of Sunrise, and to see the program’s positive benefits recognized. The decrease in violations and the low recidivism rate are strong indicators that a change in driver behavior is taking hold in Sunrise. Safer streets is the goal of this program and we’re glad to pursue it in unison with Sunrise,” ATS President and CEO Jim Tuton said.

This third quarter activity continues the momentum of the previous quarter for ATS’ State and Local Government Solutions Business Unit, which executed renewal agreements and new contracts covering more than 400 red-light, speed and school bus stop arm safety cameras.

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