Scottsdale, AZ – Fuel, insurance, preventive maintenance and repairs are generally accepted as standard operating costs for fleets. What about vehicle-issued violations for parking, toll and photo enforcement?  A new white paper by American Traffic Solutions (ATS) details the challenges and potential solutions for fleet managers looking for ways to reduce the costs associated with tolls and driver issued traffic violations.

“Tolls, parking and photo enforcement represent more than 95 percent of the vehicle-issued violation volume impacting fleets,” said Adam Draizin, President of ATS’ Fleet Solutions. “This paper seeks to provide fleet managers with perspective on the trends in vehicle-issued traffic violations, as well as opportunities for saving money and reducing risk in dealing with these violations.  These are long time problems faced by fleet managers.”

The financial and business impact of violations continues to grow. Fleets can benefit from solutions that address the violations related challenges. Violation management programs can save fleets money and time while at the same time incentivizing drivers to be more accountable for their driving behavior.  Drivers also benefit as it allows them to dispute their tickets, rather than their having been paid on their behalf thus eliminating recourse.

ATS offers VioLogics™ that not only manages the citation process but also dramatically reduces risk and costs to fleets by enabling fleet managers/owners to transfer liability to drivers and PlatePass® a Centralized Electronic Toll Payment service that enables fleets to take advantage of high-speed, cashless toll lanes with or without an in-vehicle transponder. PlatePass® complies with in-vehicle transponder and license plate (video) toll recognition systems throughout the United States and is used in 17 states and Puerto Rico, amounting to nearly 95 percent of toll road volume operation.

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About American Traffic Solutions:

American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the leading provider of fleet toll and violation management solutions in North America. Working with some of North America’s largest Fleet Management Companies and Rental Car Companies, ATS processes more than 12 million toll transactions and over 700,000 violations every year.

ATS also is proud to be North America’s market leader in road safety camera installations. ATS has more than 2,900 installed red-light and speed safety cameras serving more than 30 million people. Its customers include: New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Seattle, St. Louis, Washington, D.C., and more. ATS is a privately-owned, U.S. corporation. For more information visit us online at