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Mesa, AZ – American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the nation’s leading road safety camera provider, recognizes the heroic actions of a school bus driver in protecting children in a dangerous situation in Marietta, Georgia, last week.

With a gunman running past the school bus just 50 feet away and firing shots at a house behind him, the bus driver alerted two children that had departed the bus to return immediately for safety reasons.  A sibling of a student was close by, awaiting a student drop-off and forced to seek cover inside the bus as a precaution. The bus driver then secured the bus’ doors and called 911. No one was harmed in the shooting.

“This driver’s protective and selfless actions in that dangerous moment are nothing short of heroic. ATS is incredibly proud to be associated with such men and women,” said Liz Caracciolo, ATS Safety General Manager.

The frightening scene was caught on video by an exterior school bus stop-arm safety camera supplied to Marietta City Schools by ATS. Authorities are using the video in their investigation. The camera footage may be viewed here:


“This driver kept innocent children out of harm’s way. She is a hero to all of us, and the entire community is grateful for her bravery,” said Mark Lindstrom, transportation director for Marietta City Schools.

Meanwhile, authorities continue their investigation into the shooting. Marietta Police are asking the public for their help in identifying the gunman, and circulating a still image from the stop-arm safety camera.

ATS partners with school districts to install CrossingGuard School Bus Stop-Arm Safety Cameras to discourage drivers from illegally passing stopped school buses and endangering children. However, this is not the first time this year video from a stop-arm camera has been used to help law enforcement with an investigation.

In August, stop-arm camera video from separate school buses in Austin Independent School District captured images of vehicles striking children as they departed from a stopped school bus. In both instances, no children were seriously injured and video of the events were made available to authorities for their investigation.

“ATS is grateful that its stop-arm cameras are proving to be a valuable tool to help law-enforcement discourage drivers from running stop arms and to assist with other types of illegal activity. Most importantly, we are thankful no children were seriously injured in the Austin or Marietta events,” said Caracciolo.

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