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Title: Vice President of Communications
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Road Safety Messaging Reaching Huge Audiences

TEMPE, Ariz., —American Traffic Solutions (ATS) reached a notable social media milestone recently when the videos on its YouTube Channel eclipsed 1 million views. Launched in November 2010, the ATSRoadSafety YouTube page is a valuable tool for law enforcement to remind drivers about the dangers of speeding, red-light running and school bus stop arm passing. The page now boasts nearly 400 subscribers and its videos have been featured on everything from local newscasts to World News Tonight.

With more than 20,000 likes and 1100 followers respectively, ATS’ Facebook page ( and Twitter handle ( have also seen significant and continued growth surpassing expectations and helping spread the messages of road safety.

“Using these social media tools has allowed ATS to identify, educate and inform those who support our efforts to enhance road safety.   These resources have made it possible for us to share information and video as it happens. It is encouraging to see so many people interested in our message and our story,” said Charles Territo, VP of Communications at ATS.  “ATS began utilizing social media as a means of connecting with the close to 70 percent of the public who support what we do. We look forward to growing our fan base and increasing awareness of our technology and the devastating consequences of unsafe driving.”

Videos of red-light running collisions and near misses, articles showing the positive impact road safety camera programs are having in cities nationwide, and studies conducted by traffic safety organizations such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Association are just a few examples of content added to the pages on a daily basis.

About American Traffic Solutions:

ATS is proud to be the market leader in road safety camera installations in North America. ATS has more than 3,000 installed red-light and speed safety cameras serving more than 30 million people. ATS has contracts in nearly 300 communities in 21 states and Washington, D.C. For more information, please visit: to view video that serves as a chilling reminder of the dangers that red-light runners present to our family and children; visit ATS on YouTube here: