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ATS Review Finds Vehicles Most Likely to Be Caught Running Red Lights

TEMPE, AZ – New Top-10 listings from American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the nation’s leading provider of road safety cameras, names the Honda Accord as the most frequent make and model of vehicle caught running red lights in 2014, and finds most red-light runners were driving vehicles painted gray.
To compile its lists, ATS reviewed violation data from red-light safety cameras in nearly 300 communities in 20 states. Violations issued to vehicle owners and drivers during the first 11 months of 2014 were used to calculate the rankings.

Across the country nearly two people per day are killed in red-light running related collisions and each year more than 100,000 are injured. For a sobering look at the dangers of red-light running visit
Additionally, a video of 2014’s worst crashes can be found at
Red-light safety cameras help reduce these dangerous collisions by providing local authorities with a daily, 24-hour enforcement tool at dangerous intersections. By changing driver behavior, the number of red-light running events diminishes; decreasing the number of dangerous intersection collisions and further enhancing road safety.






“Preventing red-light running isn’t  about changing vehicles, it’s about changing driver behavior, and red-light safety cameras are helping to bring about this important change,” stated ATS spokesman Charles Territo. “Last year, nearly 90 percent of vehicle owners who received one red-light running ticket did not receive a second violation. Cameras help remind drivers to stop on red.”

About American Traffic Solutions:
American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is proud to be the market leader in road safety camera installations in North America. Nationally, ATS has more than 3,500 installed red-light, speed and school bus stop-arm safety cameras serving more than 30 million people. ATS has contracts in nearly 300 communities in 20 states and Washington, D.C. ATS Fleet Services processes approximately 50 million toll transactions and nearly 1 million violations every year. For more information, please visit:,,,,,,