Law enforcement needs more eyes on the road to solve more crimes.  AutoPatroltm PlateCheck helps.

AutoPatrol PlateCheck by American Traffic Solutions (ATS) can help enhance police departments’ investigative abilities. The ATS fully automated, turn-key solution will identify license plates, process and alert law enforcement officials of the presence and reasons of vehicles of interest, including:

  • Stolen vehicles or tags
  • AMBER alert
  • SILVER alert
  • BLUE alert
  • Missing person
  • BOLO (be on the lookout) alert
  • Plates associated with investigations


A recent International Chiefs of Police (IAPC) study concludes, “ALPR technology is a significant tool in the arsenal of law enforcement and public safety agencies.  It automates a tedious, distracting, and manual process that officers regularly complete in their daily operations, and vastly improves their efficiency and effectiveness in identifying vehicles of interest among the hundreds or thousands they observe in routine patrol.”

ATS is North America’s largest and most experienced photo enforcement provider.  Each year more than 8 Billion vehicles pass through ATS’ nationwide network of photo enforcement systems allowing ATS to provide investigatory intelligence well beyond simple vehicle counts and speed.  We offer agencies our proven experience in photo enforcement and established infrastructure.

How AutoPatrol PlateCheck It Works:

AutoPatrol PlateCheck converts data into machine code capable of being logged, using optical character recognition to read vehicle registrations, plates are analyzed and transmitted over a secure digital network.  Plates are matched against databases that are updated according to the agency’s needs and criteria to identify any vehicles of interest.  This process takes mere seconds.  PlateCheck also allows users to conduct data mining to assist in investigations, as well.

PlateCheck can help enhance the safety of a community with the geo fencing feature.  These virtual fences can be drawn around sensitive areas such as schools.  When a vehicle of interest enters or exits the fenced areas an alert can be issued.


To view the How it Works video on the AutoPatrol PlateCheck Technology, click here.