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Deva Dalporto Parody – Bus Don’t Move

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) has partnered with the multitalented Mommy blogger, rapper and YouTube sensation Deva Dalporto to release a back-to-school safety parody video titled “Bus, Don’t Move,” https://youtu.be/9ezxPqoatu4 sang to the tune of Young MC’s “Bust A Move.”  The spoof spotlights the need for parents and drivers to be attentive and careful in school zones and around school buses as students return to school.

Dalporto opens her rap “to all you mamas trying to get to school without big dramas. Begging the kids to get outta their pajamas,” then steers the topic to the one concern all parents share, getting their children to school without getting hurt by a passing car. “In this city drivers are crazy. Don’t look both ways because they’re lazy. Don’t pay attention to what’s in their way. Try to make a move when the sign says, no way. …. School bus, don’t pass it. School bus, baby don’t pass it.”

According to the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services more than 13 million drivers illegally passed school buses that were stopped for children to climb aboard or step off the bus last year.

“The message of “Bus, Don’t Move” is crystal clear”, said ATS President and COO David Roberts. “Every time a driver flies past a school bus that is stopped for children, a child is put at risk of injury or death. We encourage everyone to watch the video and share it with friends.”

ATS partners with school districts and police agencies to help enforce school bus stop arm laws through the use of its CrossingGuard® School Bus Stop Arm Safety Camera Program to change driver behavior. The system mounts sensors and high-resolution cameras on the driver’s side of school buses. When the stop arm is deployed, the camera automatically detects vehicles illegally passing in either direction and captures high-resolution images and video. Violation data, including GPS coordinates, date, time and more, are automatically embedded into the evidence package that is wirelessly transmitted to ATS’ violation processing system, where the images can be reviewed and approved by law enforcement, resulting in the issuance of a citation to the owner of the violating vehicle.

View Deva’s blog post on school bus safety here: http://mylifesuckers.com/bus-dont-move-bust-a-move-parody/


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