MIDFIELD, Ala. – Two new mobile speed vehicles are coming to the city of Midfield on March 2 to slow drivers and improve traffic safety. Their arrival expands the city’s use of road safety camera technology that began in 2012 with red-light safety cameras.

Slowing down provides drivers with more reaction time to respond to any sudden changes on the road, and is especially important in Midfield, which hosts its share of Jefferson County traffic. Among counties, Jefferson leads the state in traffic crashes, and speeding is the state’s leading cause of traffic fatalities, according to the Alabama Department of Transportation’s 2012 crash report.

“Midfield is committed to doing all it can to improve safety on our streets, and mobile speed vehicles will help us advance our commitment,” said Mayor Gary Richardson. “Just like red-light safety cameras help our police enforce intersection safety and reduce dangerous crashes by changing driver behavior, these cameras will assist our officers as they work to keep our streets safe and will send the message that we are serious about making Midfield a safe place to drive for everyone.”

The city will deploy two new Ford Escape vehicles equipped with high-definition cameras and two-dimensional radar technology capable of enforcing multiple lanes of traffic. Initially, the vehicles will be placed along U.S. Highway 11. Signs alerting drivers to the use of speed safety cameras ahead will be placed 60 yards from each mobile speed vehicle. The 30-day warning period begins March 2. The public will be informed in advance of the ticketing start date.

When a speeding driver approaches the camera, still images of the license plate are captured along with a digital signature showing the vehicle’s location, speed and other evidence necessary for prosecution. The still images and data are then securely and wirelessly transferred to American Traffic Solutions, where they are given an initial review before being sent on to the Midfield Police Department.

Once a violation is issued, a vehicle owner will have the option of disputing the violation, transferring the liability or paying the fine either online, over the phone or by mail.

Midfield is implementing this program with its red-light safety camera vendor, American Traffic Solutions.

“We are honored to work with the city of Midfield as it expands its road safety camera program, and we look forward to helping them achieve their traffic safety goals,” said David Roberts, ATS President and Chief Operating Officer.

 For more information visit the city of Midfield website: http://www.cityofmidfield.com/ 

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