MIDFIELD, AL– The city of Midfield’s original red-light camera now has company. Two new cameras are in the ground and operational along Super Bessemer Highway. The additions are the latest steel-and-glass examples of the city’s commitment to build a new foundation for a higher level of driver safety.

The latest expansion places red-light safety cameras at:

  • NB Aaron Aronov Dr / Weibel Dr @ Bessemer Super Hwy
  • SB Aaron Aronov Dr / Weibel Dr @ Bessemer Super Hwy

Private and public research shows red-light safety cameras effectively reduce red-light running violations and dangerous collisions by changing driver behavior. Last year, a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety showed red-light cameras reduced fatal intersection crashes by 24 percent at 14 large U.S. cities.


Midfield’s first red-light cameras showed that the need to change driver behavior is immediate. During the 30-day introductory phase, when police issued warnings only, drivers ran the red-light an average of 15 times each day. Since March 1, the city has reported 452 violations at current camera locations.

City officials saw the need for red-light cameras along Bessemer Highway earlier, but required state approval before the installation could begin. Eventually, five cameras will be installed in Midfield, where authorities anticipate safer roads for motorists, passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians.

“Red-light technology is dual-purpose, not only capturing red-light runners, but prompting drivers to slow down as they approach the intersection. The 401 warnings issued show drivers are making dangerous decisions at intersections,” Midfield Police Chief Frank Belcher said. “We’ve publicized this program and encouraged people to stop on red. Hopefully now drivers are thinking twice before putting lives at risk and running the red light.”

In 2010, more than 20 Alabamans lost their lives in red-light running collisions, making Alabama one of the top 10 most deadly states in the nation for red-light running crashes.  Midfield is one of more than 500 U.S. cities using red-light safety cameras to enhance road safety by changing driver behavior. Red-light safety cameras operate 24-hours a day and capture still images and video of red-light running violations.

Road safety technology is just one way the city of Midfield is making local streets safer for everyone. The program is administered by American Traffic Solutions, Inc. (ATS) with each violation reviewed and approved by the Midfield Police Department prior to being issued. For more information on how the technology works, click here.