Scottsdale, AZ – American Traffic Solutions (ATS) announces a breakthrough for Colorado travelers: Never having to stop at a tollbooth to pay tolls while driving a rental vehicle during your stay in Colorado.

PlatePass® automated, non-stop toll payment service is now available for Avis and Budget customers using eToll electronic toll collection services and Hertz customers utilizing PlatePass-enabled rental vehicles. PlatePass allows rental car customers to use all lanes including EXpressToll’s non-stop, highway speed toll lanes on Colorado’s E-470 and Northwest Parkway toll highways and the I-25 express lanes. This will save time and gas for drivers, increasing convenience while traveling through Colorado, and eliminating the need to stop and fumble for cash or coins to pay tolls.

“PlatePass’ expansion into Colorado provides rental car business and recreational customers with a convenient and effective way to take advantage of automated toll collection during their travels in Colorado,” stated ATS President, James Tuton. “This expansion increases ATS’ position as the largest provider of non-stop, cashless toll payment solutions for the rental car industry.”

PlatePass is an automated electronic toll payment service which enables rental car customers to use high speed electronic toll lanes in Western and Southern US, including Colorado, Houston and Florida. PlatePass also means that rental car customers will avoid toll violation fines that might occur if they were to use the EXpressToll-only lanes with vehicles that were previously not PlatePass enabled. Every vehicle in the Avis, Budget and Hertz rental fleets are PlatePass enabled, so rental customers do not need to sign-up for PlatePass. They can choose to use PlatePass at any point during their rental period, even while driving on a toll road. No additional paperwork, notification, equipment, pre-paid fees or agreements are required.

Rather than the traditional toll transponder, in Colorado, Florida and Texas, the PlatePass system uses the visible license plate already attached to the rear of the rental car. As a vehicle travels through the highway speed electronic toll collection lanes, existing toll system cameras capture an image of the vehicle’s license plate. The license plate is processed and associated with the customer’s rental agreement. Toll charges and the daily administrative fees accumulated during the rental period are charged to the same credit card used to rent the vehicle. A complete, easy-to-read record of all toll charges is always available to customers on-line at

When rental customers choose PlatePass, EXpressToll’s customer service staff benefit as well. PlatePass eliminates the need to issue paper receipts to rental car customers or issue violations for rental cars that utilize the electronic toll lanes.

About American Traffic Solutions, Inc.:
PlatePass® technology is powered by American Traffic Solutions, Inc., a provider of electronic toll and traffic management solutions, including vehicle detection and imaging technology designed and built specifically for automated toll collection and law enforcement applications. The company has provided some of the largest and most successful traffic safety and enforcement programs in the world, including New York City, Philadelphia, Houston, Seattle, Phoenix, St. Louis and Calgary. ATS’s patent-pending PlatePass® solution provides a unique, convenient, consumer offering to the rental car customer. The technology and service are built based on real-world experience providing toll violation processing solutions to some of the largest toll authorities in the United States. or