Distracted Driving Increases Red-Light Running and Puts Lives at Risk

Today, we live in a fast-paced world filled with all sorts of distractions. Distractions come in all types of forms from cell phones to eating and drinking to simply taking your eyes off the road to talk to a passenger. These preventable crashes do more than impose a high-dollar expense on families and communities, they change lives forever. This analysis aims to raise awareness about how distracted driving and red-light running are correlated — and ultimately improve driver behavior.

In 2015, a sample of 67 intersections across the country found that 19 percent of red-light violations during a three-month period were caused by distracted driving.

2015 Distracted Drivers



Data was collected from a three-month sample (June- August 2015) of American Traffic Solutions red-light safety cameras at 67 intersections with red-light safety cameras where cameras capture facial recognition. The data was then analyzed to determine the total number of violations that involved distracted driving. Distractions were coded into several categories, including cell phone use, looking away, eyes closed, smoking, eating/drinking, reading, and applying make-up. All violations that did not involve distracted behavior were coded as no distraction.

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