(Fayetteville, N.C.) – Under the terms of an agreement approved Monday by the City Council, the City of Fayetteville will partner with American Traffic Solutions (ATS) to launch a red-light safety camera program. Studies show that red-light safety cameras reduce dangerous right-angle crashes by changing driver behavior. Under the City’s previous automated enforcement program, angle crashes were reduced 27 percent at the eight intersections where the cameras were installed.

“Fayetteville is proud of its commitment to protect its community and looks forward to working with ATS as this important program returns to our city,” said Rusty Thompson, Director of Engineering & Infrastructure. “Our own experience with red-light cameras is the best example we have of their effectiveness. Every decrease in angle-crashes is a benefit to all of us driving, living and working here.”

Under the terms of the agreement, red-light safety cameras will be installed at identified intersections. Their locations will be determined in the coming weeks after a thorough review by a committee of staff with the City’s Engineering Department, Fayetteville Police Department and the North Carolina Department of Transportation. Revenue from red-light running fines will fund the program and provide additional revenue to local schools. The public will be informed in advance of the program’s start. A 7 day warning period will accompany the program’s launch.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to work with the city of Fayetteville and look forward to helping them achieve their traffic safety goals,” said David Roberts, ATS President and Chief Operating Officer.

Red-light safety cameras operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When a driver approaches and enters the intersection after the light has turned red, the camera captures still images and video of the event. The still images and video are then securely and wirelessly transferred to American Traffic Solutions.

Once issued, a vehicle owner will then have the option of disputing the violation, transferring the liability or paying the fine either online, over the phone, by mail or at the local ATS office.

“We pursued this program because our city’s priority is the safety and welfare of everyone in our community. Red-light running is completely preventable,” said City Manager Ted Voorhees. “Please, at all times, drive carefully.”



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