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Mesa, AZ — American Traffic Solutions (ATS) welcomes the decision issued today by the Second District Court of Appeal in Trinh v. State.  In Trinh, the court held that ATS’s role in assisting with the City of Oldsmar’s traffic safety program is legal under Florida law.  In doing so, it expressly disagreed with the Fourth District Court of Appeal’s 2014 decision in Arem v. City of Hollywood.  Trinh is now the second Florida appellate decision, following the Third District Court of Appeal in Jimenez v. State, to conclude that ATS’s role in assisting local goverments identify and process red light violations is legal.

As in Jimenez, Trinh is a decision based on a court’s comprehensive review of ATS’s involvement in the Red-light Safety Camera process, including its role in pre-sorting camera information and printing and mailing notice of violations and citations on behalf of law enforcement.

Armed with the full set of facts concerning ATS’s role, the court concluded that none of the activities that ATS undertakes as part of Oldsmar’s Red-light Safety Camera program involves the delegation of a police power. Oldsmar’s law enforcement retains the sole authority to determine who has violated the law and should be cited for it.  ATS merely provides ministerial services in carrying out law enforcement decisions.

“Trinh adds to the growing body of law in Florida confirming that vendor participation in Red-Light Camera programs is permitted under the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act,” said Rebecca Collins, ATS General Counsel.

Red-Light Safety Cameras are a proven safety tool. Independent studies show cameras help reduce dangerous red-light running crashes, which nearly always involve innocent people entering the intersection on the green light only to be hit by the crossing offender.

Florida routinely finishes in the top three states for red-light running crash fatalities, according to the National Center for Statistics and Analysis, a branch of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The Trinh and Jimenez Rulings can be accessed by clicking the links below:

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