Earlier this morning, the Third District Court of Appeals in Florida  rejected  the Jimenez case and provided confirmation that the City of Aventura’s red light camera safety program did not involve an illegal delegation of police power by the City to ATS.  It further held that the Aventura program does not operate in the way the Fourth District Court of Appeals described the Hollywood, FL program to operate in the Arem II decision, issued in October 2014.

American Traffic Solutions (ATS), welcomes today’s ruling by the Third District Court of Appeals in Florida that reaffirms the constitutional use of red-light safety cameras and clarifies the non-intrusive role third-party vendors have in the violation review process. We are actively reviewing the ruling and will provide a more detailed review shortly.


View the ruling at the Third District Court of Appeal website:

MESA, AZ — American Traffic Solutions (ATS) welcomes the decision issued today by the Third District Court of Appeal in Jimenez v. State. In Jimenez, the court concluded that Red-Light Safety Camera programs are legal under Florida law.  In its ruling, the court added, “The officer’s review and determination in this regard are far from a mere rubber stamp.” …

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