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 Video Highlights Worst Crashes of 2013 with Hope of Increasing Awareness of Red-Light Running Dangers 

Miami, FL – Florida drivers are changing their behavior and the results are savings lives. According to crash statistics compiled by the National Center for Statistics and Analysis (NCSA), an office of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of fatalities from red-light running crashes decreased 27 percent from 2011 to 2012, 83-61 fatalities respectively. During the same time period Florida’s total traffic fatalities rose 1 percent to 2,430, and the state’s total traffic crashes jumped 23 percent, according to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Unfortunately, red-light safety cameras can’t stop all red-light running.   Attached is a string of the worst red-light runners across the state from 2013.  These videos are provided with the hope that the crashes will help show just how dangerous red-light running is and just how violent a red-light running collision can be and serving as a reminder to drivers to always obey the law and most importantly stop on red.

“Red-light safety cameras make roads safer by changing driver behavior. Nearly 90 percent or nine out of 10 drivers that have received and paid a red-light running violation have not received a second,” said American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the state’s leading red-light safety camera provider, spokesperson Charles Territo. “This low rate of repeat behavior indicates drivers are very quickly getting the message that red means stop.”

Florida’s 27 percent reduction in red-light running fatalities outpaced the national 5 percent decline. Additionally, the state’s 25 percent decrease in fatal red-light running crashes outdistanced the 4 percent decline across the nation, according to NCSA data, which uses the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA) definition of red-light running. Specifically, Florida witnessed 76 red-light running crashes causing 83 deaths in 2011; and 57 crashes caused 61 deaths in 2012.

On average, each camera in Florida captures a red-light runner about once every 7 hours. Since the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act passed in July 2010, the number of average violations issued per camera per month has fallen by 40 percent. Every prevented crash protects a life from death or injury and reduces economic costs for the community. Florida’s 61 red-light running fatalities in 2012 cost its communities more than $390 million in 11 cost components selected by the FHWA.

Pursuant to the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act, cities and counties in Florida using red-light safety cameras are to issue $158 fines for running a red light. Each fine is distributed this way: $70 goes to the state’s general revenue fund; $75 goes to the local government; $10 goes to local trauma centers and $3 is allocated for spinal and brain injury research through The Miami Project. Since July 2010 the red-light safety camera programs across the state have contributed more than $16 million to Florida trauma centers and $5 million to the Miami Project.


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