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Mesa, AZ–According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ (DHSMV) fourth annual report on red-light safety cameras across the state, you are safer traveling through intersection equipped with the life-saving technology. Since 2011 total crashes in Florida are up statewide by 50%, however the DHSMV report found that angle crashes – the most violent and dangerous type of crash, did not increase at intersections equipped with red-light safety cameras.  Furthermore, drivers at intersections with red-light safety cameras had a 36 percent less likelihood of being involved in a collision than the overall statewide trend.

“Every time a driver decides against running a red light, the potential for a terrible crash is averted.  At a time when the statewide trend indicates total crashes have doubled the modest increases at red-light safety camera intersection and the fact that despite this trend angle crashes have remained flat should be applauded. Red-light safety cameras continue to save lives and change driver behavior across the state as indicated in this report,” said ATS Spokesperson Charles Territo.

The report acknowledges that more crashes were analyzed in the “after RLC installed” than “before RLCs installed” due to increased number of crash locations in the “after RLCs installed” numbers and acknowledges the complexity of the analysis and the limitations of the available data.

Highlights from the legislatively mandated report include:

  • Significantly low number of repeat offenders.
  • More than 95 percent of Florida drivers did not receive a red-light running violation.
  • A reported 4.7 percent increase in vehicle miles traveled (VMT) statewide from 2011 to 2014.
  • A majority of cities indicated that they had implemented at least one “alternative safety measure” including increased signage, restriping, engineering and lighting.

In a state that ranked the third most deadliest in the nation for fatalities in 2013, every prevented crash adds up to saved lives and costs. The estimated cost to each community for a single traffic fatality is $6 million, according to cost components selected by the Federal Highway Administration. Florida’s 69 red-light running fatalities 2013 cost the state $414 million in workplace, medical, property damage, emergency services and other costs. A video of red-light running related crashes is available here:

Pursuant to the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act, a portion of all red-light running fines issued through red-light safety camera programs goes to trauma centers and to research efforts addressing spinal and brain injuries. Thus far more than $10 million has gone to the Miami Project, which researches new treatments for persons living with spinal and brain injuries, many of which are the result of traffic crashes and more than $30 million has been provided to Level 1 trauma care centers across the state.

ATS regularly provides video footage from red-light safety cameras in Florida and other states when requested by law enforcement. Authorities use the images to re-create crash and crime scenes and to provide evidence to help identify and locate potential suspects. From July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2015, ATS has provided video to Florida law enforcement agencies on more than 8,300 occasions assisting in the investigation of crimes ranging from home invasions to murder and sexual assault.

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