Gallatin, TN – The City of Gallatin, Tennessee is in the planning stages with American Traffic Solutions, Inc. (ATS) to add two additional camera sites to its successful red-light camera program called ACES (Automated Camera Enforcement System). Statistics prove the program has succeeded in reducing the number of crashes and injuries caused by redlight runners.

“The red-light cameras have been a great supplement to our talented and hard-working police officers,” said Gallatin Police Chief John Tisdale. “Anyone who questions the importance of these cameras simply needs to look at the proven results.”

Statistics released in the fall of 2007 show the program has resulted in a:

  • 21% decrease in motor vehicle crashes
  • 22% decrease in property damage crashes
  • 15% decrease in personal injury crashes
  • 19% decrease in side impact crashes
  • 19% decrease in intersection related injury crashes (2005-2007)
  • 50% decrease in fatalities (2005-2007)

“These numbers prove that Gallatin’s ACES program has been successful in making our streets and residents safer by reducing the number of crashes and injuries caused by redlight runners,” Chief Tisdale continued. “We expect that adding two new camera sites will provide a similar reduction in violations and crashes.”

The intersections being considered for expansion include:

  • Intersection Long Hollow Pike and Belvedere
  • Intersection Nashville Pike and Browns Lane
  • Intersection Belvedere and Nashville Pike (Additional approach)

Once traffic studies of the considered intersections are complete and final site selections made, Gallatin is targeting the camera installation to occur this summer.

For more information about the Gallatin Police Department or ACES Contact Corporal Bill Storment, (615) 452-1313,

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