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Tempe, AZ — American Traffic Solutions’ (ATS), the nation’s leading road safety camera provider, applauds Wednesday’s U.S. District Court decision to deny a motorist’s claims against ATS, other safety vendors and 28 Texas cities on the grounds that they did no harm to the motorist.

Leading up to his ruling, Judge John McBryde, of the U.S. District Court Northern District of Texas, wrote, “The issue to be resolved by the court now is whether plaintiff is entitled to bring class-action claims against defendants who have done him no harm, and against whom he has no personal cause of action.”  Ultimately, Judge McBryde ruled that the claims of Louisiana resident James H. Watson “should be dismissed for lack of standing.”

Watson’s lawsuit originated from a red-light running ticket he received while driving through the City of Southlake. His first complaint sought reimbursement for red-light running fines and named all Texas cities with red-light safety camera programs, the State of Texas and three private corporations as defendants. He claimed local ordinances violated the Texas Constitution and that private companies violated federal racketeering laws and state consumer protection laws. In the end, the judge’s ruling reduced the list of defendants to the City of Southlake and the State of Texas.

ATS partners with more than 20 cities, counties and school districts in Texas. Red-light safety cameras are used to decrease dangerous right-angle intersection collisions by changing driver behavior. A recent national analysis by ATS, found less than 10 percent of drivers who run a red light, receive a ticket and pay it do not repeat the traffic infraction, indicating a change in driver behavior. Closer to home, the Texas Transportation Institute found red-light related crashes decreased 25 percent and right-angle crashes decreased 32 percent at intersections with red-light safety cameras in a 2011 study of 275 Texas intersections over three years.

Conversely, many communities that have ended camera enforcement have seen an increase in red-light running collisions, injuries and fatalities. In Houston police have found crashes are rising in number at intersections where red-light safety cameras once operated. The 2014 Police Department report showed a 117 percent increase in crashes at former camera intersections, including a 30 percent increase in fatal collisions.

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