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Mesa, AZ – Red-light, Speed and School Bus Safety Cameras are typically used to catch dangerous red-light runners, but law enforcement agencies also use the video and still images to investigate an average of 300 criminal and crash incidents a month.

American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the largest road safety camera provider in North America, fulfilled more than 20,000 requests for video from Jan. 1, 2011 through May 31, 2016. From Missouri to Colorado, and from Florida to California, when permitted by law, police utilized the video and still images to analyze crashes, catch criminals and identify drivers in hit-and-run collisions.

“ATS partners with communities around the country to help enhance road safety. Providing video to law enforcement agencies for investigation of other crimes is yet another benefit the cameras provide,” said Liz Caracciolo, General Manager ATS State and Government Solutions.

Examples of how road safety camera video has helped law enforcement over the last few years include:

Red-Light Camera Video Helped Catch Shooting Suspect
KMBC-TV ABC 9 (Missouri), April 18, 2016
A Kansas City man has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder charges in the 2009 shooting death of a woman who was driving home from Starlight Theatre when she was caught in a deadly crossfire. … Police said red-light camera video footage helped them track down the two vehicles involved in the gun battle. Witnesses led authorities to make an arrest.

Drivers Blame Each Other for Crash; Police Review Camera Video
KNXV-TV ABC 15 (Arizona), July 20, 2015
A woman was transported to the hospital after two vehicles collided in the middle of a Scottsdale intersection Monday morning. Both drivers told police the other driver ran the red light. Officials are checking the red-light camera at the intersection to see who really ran the traffic signal.

Among the requests for videos, ATS found, 44 percent of the requests aided the investigation of a crash; 32 percent assisted with a police investigation; 9 percent were used in a robbery investigation; 7 percent assisted with a hit-and-run investigation; another 6 percent were used to investigate a homicide, and 2 percent were used to investigate shootings.

“ATS welcomes each opportunity to assist law enforcement in their investigations. The number of requests we receive on a weekly basis shows just how valuable this service is to the communities we serve. Whether it’s a hit and run or a terrorism investigation, having the video and still images from an intersection or another camera location can greatly increase the probability that a crime will be solved,” Caracciolo said.

For more information on how law enforcement leverages photo enforcement safety cameras to investigate crashes, crimes and more, see our infographic.

About American Traffic Solutions:

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is proud to be the market leader in road safety camera installations in North America. Nationally, ATS has more than 3,200 installed red-light, speed and school bus stop-arm safety cameras serving more than 30 million people. Additionally, ATS Fleet Services processes approximately 50 million toll transactions and nearly 1 million violations every year. For more information, please visit: