Police to Continue Issuing Citations to Dangerous Red-light Runners

Linden, N.J. (July 26, 2012) – As an immediate reminder of the dangers red-light runners pose to motorists and pedestrians alike, the city of Linden is releasing this shocking video that shows a red-light runner nearly strike a pedestrian who is legally crossing the street.

“All motorists, bicyclists, pedestrians and anyone who uses our roadways should know this is a serious traffic safety issue,” Sgt. Michael Babulski said.

Linden initiated its red-light camera program in 2009 to curb dangerous driving behavior such as what one camera captured on video in March at the intersection of U.S. 1 and South Park Avenue where a man is in the crosswalk as he crosses the street, but nearly gets hit by a reckless driver.

Motorists are advised that the state has just re-certified all red-light safety camera systems in Linden and across New Jersey, which means Linden may now issue citations to those motorists caught running the red-light during the suspension period that began June 19. Authorities were able to photograph traffic violations, but not issue citations while yellow light timing was checked to ensure it met all provisions in the state statute that created the Red-Light Safety Camera pilot program.

The primary goal of all road safety programs is to make streets safer for all drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. Just last year, National Research Inc. polled 600 registered voters in New Jersey and found 76% approve of using the cameras at busy intersections. Cameras operate 24-hours a day and capture images of every vehicle running a red light at the intersection. The City of Linden contracts with American Traffic Solutions™ (ATS) to administer its road safety program.

Babulski says red-light cameras are making a difference in Linden, but that all motorists need to drive safely at all times especially at intersections where there is so much movement in many different directions. With crashes involving pedestrian on the rise in New Jersey this video is an excellent reminder to pedestrians; stay alert when crossing the street, any simple distraction can have serious consequences.

“This is a public safety program that deters red-light running crashes by changing driver behavior and has been effective at reducing dangerous crashes in our community,” he said. “Program data highlighting the rate of repeat offenders illustrates the effectiveness of our traffic safety program. Of the red-light running violations issued during the camera program’s first year, 90 percent of the ticketed vehicle owners did not receive a second ticket. This small percentage of repeat offenders indicates drivers are changing the way they approach intersections”