Scottsdale, Ariz. – The City of Littleton has signed a contractual agreement with American Traffic Solutions, Inc., (ATS) to provide red-light camera enforcement at three intersections in Littleton:  S. Santa Fe Drive at W. Mineral Ave., S. Santa Fe Drive at W. Bowles Ave., and S. Broadway at W. Littleton Blvd. These three intersections have historically averaged 30-40 accidents each year, many involving serious injuries, and are some of the highest accident locations in the City.

Recently, at Littleton’s request, ATS conducted a study; placing cameras at various intersections, with each camera watching a specific approach to those intersections. The cameras documented an average of 27 violations in twelve hours during the test period while two of the approaches had more than 40 violations.

Littleton Police Chief Heather Coogan said, “Improving safety is our priority and this red-light camera program with American Traffic Solutions will help us reduce violations, crashes, and injuries caused by red-light violators. This safety program will save lives, help the traffic flow in a more orderly way and make Littleton roadways safer, by reducing the number of red-light violations, at no additional cost to taxpayers.”

The cost of the camera enforcement is offset by the fines paid by those caught violating red-lights. ATS serves more than 150 communities across North America with red-light and speed cameras. In Colorado, cities with programs include Greenwood Village, Cherry Hills Village, the City of Lone Tree, and the City of Pueblo.

In Littleton, violations recorded by camera will be forwarded to a police officer who will then evaluate the evidence. If the officer confirms that the captured images indeed show a violation, a summons will be issued to the registered owner of the vehicle. That owner can choose to pay for the violation by mail (there are no points assessed against a person’s driver’s license for red-light camera violations), or contest the issue in Littleton Municipal Court. The owner will be provided with the captured images of the violation at the time they are issued the summons.