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Middle Island, NY — Children entering and leaving school buses remain at risk from vehicles that illegally pass stopped buses in the Longwood Central School District, according to results from a school bus stop arm safety camera pilot program.

Two buses in the district equipped with school bus stop-arm safety cameras from Feb. 27 to May 5 and identified 59 vehicles committing stop-arm violations in 45 class days.

“These numbers are troubling,” Gale Winsper, Transportation Coordinator for the district, said. “The data suggests that drivers in our district illegally pass our 200 school bus routes more than 24,000 times in a 180-day school year. For a child getting on or off their bus, each passing vehicle poses a potential tragedy in the making,” Winsper added.

American Traffic Solutions (ATS) provided the district with its CrossingGuard School Bus Stop Arm Enforcement to captures data on the number of vehicles illegally passing the school bus after it has stopped and extended its stop sign.

Video of stop arm violations captured by ATS cameras can be viewed here:

Longwood is not the only school district facing this danger. The New York State Association for Pupil Transportation, in their latest count of vehicles illegally passing stopped school buses in a single day in 35 school districts, estimated 44,314 illegal passes in one day, or nearly 8 million passes in a school year.

“This is a real problem that needs to be addressed. Let’s stop putting our children at risk. I urge all drivers and make sure to stop for school buses when their stop arms are extended,” Winsper said.

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