Studies & Research

1208, 2016

IIHS Study: Effects of turning on and off red light cameras on fatal crashes in large U.S. cities

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety July 2016

109, 2015

IIHS Study: Effects of automated speed enforcement in Montgomery County, Maryland, on vehicle speeds, public opinion, and crashes

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety August 2015

106, 2015

AAST 2013 PLENARY PAPER: Impact of speed cameras on trauma centers

Arizona Health Policy Study April 2014

1202, 2015

AAA Study Shows Strong Support for Speed and Red-Light Cameras

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety 2014 Culture Index Report February 2015

1311, 2014

NBC2 Investigation: Are Red-Light Traffic Cameras Coming Back?

COLLIER COUNTY, FL - An exclusive NBC2 investigation into red light traffic cameras answers whether roads were safer in Collier County during the program.  The cameras were in place for 47 months before being removed and [...]

2810, 2014

Crashes Double at Houston Intersections after Red-Light Cameras Pulled

  Auto crashes more than doubled at busy Houston intersections after red light cameras were pulled from those areas, according to figures released by the Houston Police Department. The controversial network of cameras installed at [...]