Studies & Research

106, 2015
1202, 2015

AAA Study Shows Strong Support for Speed and Red-Light Cameras

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety 2014 Culture Index Report February 2015

1311, 2014

NBC2 Investigation: Are Red-Light Traffic Cameras Coming Back?

COLLIER COUNTY, FL - An exclusive NBC2 investigation into red light traffic cameras answers whether roads [...]

2810, 2014

Crashes Double at Houston Intersections after Red-Light Cameras Pulled

  Auto crashes more than doubled at busy Houston intersections after red light cameras were [...]

1702, 2014

Adam Tuton: Numbers show the truth — red light cameras save lives

SunSentinel Opinion-Adam Tuton: Numbers show the truth — red light cameras save lives February 2014

1704, 2013

An Assessment of the Safety Effects of the French Speed Camera program

By Laurent Carnis & Etienne Blais, published by Accident Analysis & Prevention November 2012

204, 2013
2101, 2013

Traffic Violations Are On The Rise: How Fleets Can Prepare

By American Traffic Solutions January 2013

301, 2013

Report: Florida Red-Light Camera Program Analysis

By the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles December 2012