Contact: Charles Territo                                                              July 29, 2016
Title: Senior Vice President of Sales,
MarComm and Public Affairs
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Mesa, AZ — American Traffic Solutions (ATS), touted the findings released Thursday from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), a stark reminder of the high stakes drivers, passengers, pedestrians and other road users face when red-light safety camera programs are turned off.

The analysis of 14 cities that had ended their red-light camera programs during 2010 to 2014, found the rate of fatal red-light running crashes jumped 30 percent compared with the expected rate had cameras remained in use, according to the IIHS report titled “Effects of Turning On and Off Red-Light Cameras on Fatal Crashes in Large U.S. Cities.”

IIHS researchers found this same pool of cities with 200,000 residents or more also experienced a 16 percent increase per capita in fatal crashes of all types, exacting an estimated 63 lives that could have been saved had the cameras remained on.

“This research again proves red-light safety cameras work,” said ATS spokesperson Charles Territo. “We are proud to partner with so many communities across the country to help save lives.”

Upon the report’s release, the Governors Highway Safety Association issued a statement saying in part: “These numbers represent real lives lost that could have been saved with red-light cameras. We hope that states and communities across the country will examine the latest IIHS data and consider implementing red-light cameras in locations where they will truly make a difference, saving both lives and money.”

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Over the past few years, separate reports have shown a change for the worse in driver behavior when red-light cameras have been removed. For example:

“Clearly, the research continues to show that when red-light cameras are removed, the result is an intersection that is more deadly. ATS urges drivers to abide by the traffic laws, slow down on yellow and stop on red,” added Territo.

About American Traffic Solutions:

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