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PlatePass® Fleet Toll Program Adds Georgia Peach Pass® to National Coverage

Scottsdale, AZ – American Traffic Solutions (ATS) Fleet Services is pleased to announce that PlatePass®, the company’s fleet toll program, has added the state of Georgia to its nationwide coverage.

PlatePass is an electronic toll payment and management solution that helps fleets save time and money. Fleet customers enrolled in the program have saved up to 50 percent on their toll management costs.

The toll program covers more than 95 percent of the nation’s tolling regions: California (FasTrak®), Colorado (EXpressToll), Florida (SunPass®/E-Pass®/LeeWay), Northeast United States (E-ZPass®/I-Pass), Texas (EZ Tag/TollTag/TxTag), North Carolina (NC Quick Pass), Oklahoma (PIKEPASS™), Puerto Rico (AutoExpreso), Washington (Good to Go!), and now Georgia (Peach Pass®).

“We are excited to now include Georgia Peach Pass as a part of our nationwide PlatePass coverage,” said Vincent Brigidi, ATS Fleet Services Senior Vice President and General Manager. “This addition enables us to continue to enhance our toll management solution on behalf of our fleet customers, and ultimately save them even more money.”

PlatePass offers fleet customers a range of features and benefits unique to the program:

  • ATS Fleet Services registers vehicles with participating toll authorities and coordinates toll equipment fulfillment to drivers on behalf of the fleet customer.
  • With PlatePass, fleets no longer need to prefund toll accounts based on projected toll spend – instead, fleets are billed for the tolls their vehicles actually incur.
  • PlatePass reduces toll violation risk by ensuring toll accounts are sufficiently funded at all times and drivers have the toll equipment they need.
  • PlatePass saves fleets time by consolidating toll accounts into one centralized, national program; eliminating T&E reporting; and resolving toll authority errors on behalf of the fleet customer.
  • The program’s centralized reporting tracks toll usage by vehicle, toll authority and day/time, providing greater visibility into the fleet’s toll activity and spend.
  • PlatePass offers fleets an easy way to track personal tolls incurred by their drivers and enables those drivers to review and pay personal toll charges via a secure website.

ATS Fleet Services provides toll solutions to more than 1,400 commercial fleets, covering more than 1 million fleet vehicles nationwide. Our programs are available from the leading Fleet Management Companies in North America for easy implementation.

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