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Pohatcong Township, NJ – It’s been a little more than one year since Pohatcong Township started its red-light safety camera program and data from both American Traffic Solutions (ATS) and the Pohatcong Police Department shows that it is already having a positive impact on public safety.

At Pohatcong’s red-light safety camera enforced intersections the number of overall crashes and red-light running related crashes have fallen significantly. Red-light related collisions are down from 18 in 2010 to 10 in 2011 and just 4 through the first 9 months of 2012. Total injuries have fallen as well from 24 in 2010 to just 13 through the first 9 months of this year. On at least 12 occasions, the Pohatcong Police Department has requested video from the red-light safety cameras to assist in their investigations.

“I think that the cameras in my opinion in Pohatcong Township are working,” Greenemeir said Pohatcong Police Chief Jeffrey Greenemeir. “Just being out there every day and seeing the traffic, the people are stopping.”

The goal of Pohatcong’s red-light safety camera program is to change driver behavior by increasing enforcement and reducing the number of red light running violations thereby lowering the probability of collisions caused by red light running.

In Pohatcong, eight intersection approaches are equipped with red-light safety cameras. Live citations began on September 23, 2011. Comparing the first full month each camera was operational, October 2011 through August 2012, citations issued have dropped an incredible 73%.  Both intersections utilizing the technology have experienced the following reductions in violations.

  • US 22 @ NEW BRUNSWICK AVE / RT 122            violations down 74%
  • US 22 (NB) @ CO RD 519                                               violations down 73%

Moreover, over eighty-seven percent (87%) of all drivers receiving a citation for running a red light only did so once.  This low rate of repeat offenders indicates drivers in Pohatcong are modifying their driving behavior in a positive way.

  • Violators Receiving 1 Violation                      87%
  • Violators Receiving 2 Violations                    10%
  • Violators Receiving 3+ Violations                  3%

The majority of violations have been issued to drivers who reside outside of Pohatcong Township.  Less than 3 of every 10 violations (27 percent) issued has been to a vehicle registered in the three Pohatcong Township zip codes (08804, 08865, 08848).


  • The largest percentage of violations since program inception has occurred between 12pm and 1pm.
  • 63% of violations occur between the hours of 8am and 4pm.
  • Fri-Sun are the days of the week with the most violations.

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