Few events focus the broad level of public support into a nationwide call to stop red-light running than National Stop on Red Week. Beginning Aug. 4, numerous communities will highlight the dangers associated with red-light running, raising public awareness to the national level to stop this irresponsible behavior that killed more than 700 people and injured an estimated 118,000 in 2011. For activity suggestions or to see what other communities are doing, visit ATS on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ATSolutions. Next, go to the National Coalition for Safer Roads: www.ncsrsafety.org/stop-on-red or the Federal Highway Administration: http://safety.fhwa.dot.gov/intersection/redlight/outreach/tenacts.cfm for press releases, videos and other promotional ideas. Finally, go to the ATS Twitter page, use #StopOnRed2013 and spread the message!

This near miss took place at the intersection of HWY 19 @ Grand Blvd on July 19, 2013.