Video of “same direction” or “rear-end” crashes captured by red-light safety cameras, gives a sobering look at the real cause of rear-end collisions. Inattentive and speeding drivers inflict serious damage on innocent motorists who are clearly stopped at red-lights. These are just a few examples of the types of collisions that occur at intersections every day. They also affirm independent research findings that conclude drivers who speed or fail to leave a safe stopping distance between themselves and the car ahead of them cause the majority of rear-end crashes at intersections.

A recent NJDOT report found that of the 24 intersections with red-light cameras in operation for one year, rear-end crashes decreased or did not change at 54 percent of the locations. In fact, intersections with red-light safety cameras saw a greater decrease in rear-end crashes than the intersection without cameras in the study control group. At those intersections, only 44 percent showed a decrease in rear-end crashes.

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