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MESA, AZ. – According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ (DHSMV) sixth annual report on Red-Light Safety Cameras, the technology is continuing to make roads safer by changing driver behavior and reducing red-light running violations. Crashes specifically involving red-light running at intersections equipped with the technology have been reduced by 5 percent and crashes involving non-motorists are again down this year by more than 7 percent.

Also noted in the report, while vehicle miles traveled in Florida has increased by another 13 percent, red-light running notices of violation have decreased by five percent.

Cities and counties once again name “pedestrian safety” as the number one reason for installing a red light safety camera.  More than half of the jurisdictions reported engineering improvements at their intersections, including restriping, more signage and improved lighting.

“The key findings in this report illustrate how red-light safety cameras are working to reduce crashes caused by red-light running. Despite a 13% increase in miles traveled and a 10% increase in overall crashes – red light running crashes are down by 5% at these intersections.  Violations that ultimately can result in a tragedy at an intersection are decreasing.  This is a continuing trend that is saving lives and preventing crashes, as more and more vehicles populate Florida roadways,” said Liz Caracciolo, General Manger.

Findings from ATS partner municipalities include:

  • In Aventura, crashes involving non-motorists, before and after camera implementation decreased by 67 percent at one intersection.
  • The city of Davie reported a 50 percent reduction in crashes.
  • Florida City’s intersection where red-light cameras are used experienced a nearly 30 percent reduction in crashes caused by red-light running.
  • In North Miami Beach, crashes causes by red-light running were lessened by 75 percent.
  • Orange Park’s three intersections equipped with red-light safety cameras saw a 69 percent reduction in crashes after activating red-light cameras.
  • In Orlando, crashes have been reduced by more than 14 percent and red-light running related crashes are down 43 percent.

A link to Florida’s worst red-light runners of 2017 video can be found here:

Each year, DHSMV gathers and analyzes program and crash data from municipalities operating under Florida’s Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act.  Of the 54 cities using red-light safety camera to deter red-light running that were included in the analysis, 25 were selected for an in-depth examination of crash data specific to intersections armed with the technology.

Despite these positive results, DHSMV cautions that “the crash analysis should be put into context of the overall complexity of the issue at hand, as many factors may contribute to the change in number of crashes outlined in this report.”


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