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Red-Light Running Crashes Continue to Decrease in Florida

TEMPE, AZ –The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ (DHSMV) recently released third annual Red-Light Camera Summary Report analyzed data from 68 police agencies in the cities and towns in Florida where red-light safety cameras are deployed. The report shows a decrease in red-light running violations and crashes at intersections with red-light safety cameras and is consistent with results from previous state reports affirming the effectiveness of this important law enforcement tool. Total violations decreased 14 percent from the 2013 study.

The primary goal of red-light safety cameras, however, remains improved traffic safety, and this year’s DHSMV report provides many examples of improvement in Florida, the third-most dangerous state in the nation for red-light running fatalities. For example:

  • In Miami, sideswipe crashes were reduced by 28 percent. Nearby Miami Gardens reported a 54 percent reduction in sideswipe crashes.
  • In Hillsborough County, at intersections equipped with red-light safety cameras, sideswipe crashes were reduced by 54 percent and front-to-rear crashes were reduced by 38 percent.
  • Orange Park reported ZERO sideswipe crashes since implementing a red-light safety camera program.
  • The city of Orlando reported a 31 percent reduction in sideswipe crashes while nearby Ocoee reported a 56 percent reduction in the same category coupled with a 54 percent reduction in front-to-rear crashes.
  • The city of Edgewood had zero pedestrian accidents from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 (the reporting period), and cited this as an impact from the red-light camera program.
  • Sarasota reported an overall decrease of 11 percent in accidents and citations issued at intersections with red-light safety cameras compared to the reporting period from the previous year.
  • Despite only having three red-light camera intersections, Santa Rosa reported a 60 percent decrease in sideswipe crashes and a 46 percent decrease in front-to-rear crashes compared to one year before the installation of the cameras. Similarly, Margate – also with three cameras – experienced a 58 percent decrease in front-to-rear crashes since installing the cameras.
  • Coral Springs noted that since placement of the red-light cameras, injury crashes have decreased at a substantial rate – over 20 percent – at all locations and continue to track down each year.
  • The city of Bradenton reported a reduction in crashes at most intersections, in the survey questions section, explaining the data listed that shows an increase in accidents was mistakenly entered.
  • Out of the total 68 cities with red-light cameras, 52 listed an improvement in driving behavior, public awareness, reduction in reoffenders, reduction in number of violations issued, severity of crashes, reduction in crashes, and/or increases in driver and pedestrian safety as specific additional results of the red-light camera program.
  • Out of 23 cities that listed additional factors the jurisdiction felt most important to consider when selecting an intersection for red-light cameras, 52 percent listed public safety-related factors, including the number of fatal crashes and hit-and-runs occurring at the intersection as well as pedestrian safety concerns.

Red-light safety cameras help change driver behavior. By reducing violations they can also help reduce the potential for dangerous red-light running collisions. For a video illustrating how dangerous red-light running can be, visit:

Results in the DHSMV mirror those found in the 2014 Florida Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA) analysis that reported a 49 percent decrease in fatal crashes at red-light safety camera intersections on state roads saving an estimated 18 lives. A separate analysis released in December 2013 by the National Center for Statistics and Analysis, an office of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, shows red-light running fatalities decreased 27 percent in Florida, from 83 fatalities in 2011 to 61 in 2012, outpacing the nation’s 5 percent decrease. Every averted traffic fatality involves an economic savings. The estimated cost to each community for a single traffic fatality is estimated to be in the millions, according to cost components selected by the Federal Highway Administration.

Ninety-five percent of the respondents to the DHSMV analysis reported using red-light safety camera program footage to investigate other crimes. In addition to helping provide evidence for numerous traffic collisions, images from red-light safety cameras have helped authorities nab a rapist in Surfside, track and arrest suspects in a home invasion slaying in Ocoee, cattle rustlers in Polk County and collar a hit-and-run driver in Palm Coast, just to name a few.

Pursuant to the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act, a portion of all red-light running fines issued through red-light safety camera programs goes to trauma centers and to research efforts addressing spinal and brain injuries. Thus far, more than $6 million has gone to the Miami Project, which researches new treatments for persons living with spinal and brain injuries, many of which are the result of traffic crashes. Additionally, more than $17 million has gone to 22 trauma centers in the state to treat persons injured in traffic-related and other emergencies.

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