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Our extensive development, delivery and operational experience include many of the largest and most complex automated traffic enforcement and violation processing systems in the United States. 

We approach each solution as a partnership, in which close collaboration, trust and quality services are essential. Our strength is working with our customers to provide them with the tools and resources they need to effectively address their enforcement and violation processing needs.

Red-light safety cameras in Tennessee

Red-light running is a deadly epidemic. In 2010, red-light running crashed killed 667 people and injured more than 100,000 according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Red-light safety camera programs help reduce the number of red-light running collisions and their associated injuries and fatalities by changing driver behavior. Nationally, more than 600 communities in more than 25 states use road safety camera programs to improve intersection and speed safety.  Red-light safety camera programs provide law enforcement agencies with a sound solution to monitor dangerous intersections and to use their limited human resources to efficiently tackle crime. By changing driver behavior communities see fewer violations, fewer collisions, fewer injuries and fewer fatalities. American Traffic Solutions provides the next generation of Red Light Cameras in Tennessee enforcement technology, with its AutoPatrol RLSC-3D system which utilizes state-of-the-art three-dimensional radar technology, taking intersection safety beyond what traditional photo enforcement equipment enables today.

Red-light safety cameras:

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety:

  • The number of US cities embracing the technology has swelled from just 25 in 2000 to about 500 today.
  • In 2011, 712 people were killed and more than 100,000 were injured in red-light related crashes. 
  • Red light cameras saved 159 lives in 2004-08 in 14 of the biggest US cities, a new analysis by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows.
  • Had red light cameras been operating during that period in all large cities, a total of 815 deaths would have been prevented.
  • Two-thirds of the people that die in red light crashes are people other than the violator.
  • The researchers found that in the 14 cities that had cameras during 2004-08, the combined per capita rate of fatal red-light running crashes fell 35 percent, compared with 1992-96.
  • The rate of all fatal crashes at intersections with signals — not just red light running crashes — fell 14 percent in the camera cities and crept up 2 percent in the non-camera cities. In the camera cities, there were 17 percent fewer fatal crashes per capita at intersections with signals in 2004-08 than would have been expected.
  • A red light is run every 20 minutes at each intersection.
  • About half of the deaths in red-light running crashes are pedestrians and occupants in other vehicles who are hit by red-light runners, like the people who were in this car

Speed Safety in Tennessee

Speeding is one of the most prevalent factors contributing to traffic crashes. In 2010, speeding was a contributing factor in 32 percent of all fatal crashes, and 10,395 lives were lost in speeding-related crashes according to NHTSA. In order to combat this issue, American Traffic Solutions is able to provide the most accurate and versatile speed enforcement equipment on the market today, featuring next-generation, two dimensional radar speed detection technology. The main goal of our speed safety cameras is to deter speeding violators and make streets safer for all drivers.

Speed Safety Cameras:

  • Speeding is a factor in about one-third of all fatal crashes. In 2009, more than 13,000 people died in speed related crashes. (IIHS)
  • Speeding causes more fatalities than drunk or distracted drivers.
  • Speeding kills more than 1,000 Americans every month. (IIHS)
  • Estimate that the economic cost of speed-related crashes is $40.4 billion each year – $76,865 per minute or $1,281 per second.  (NHTSA, Farmer, 2007)
  • 67% of Americans support the road safety cameras to identify vehicles traveling above posted speeds.  PARS 2009

School Bus Safety in Tennessee

Every day, for some 26 million students nationwide, the school day begins and ends with a trip on a school bus. Unfortunately, each year many children are injured and several are killed in school bus incidents in Tennessee.  American Traffic Solutions is here to help. American Traffic Solutions joined forces with AngelTrax®, the number one global provider of student transit mobile video surveillance, to construct the industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end photo enforcement bus safety solution.  Schools in Tennessee are choosing the CrossingGuard® School Bus Stop Arm Enforcement System to reduce the number of school bus passing violations and protect the safety and well-being of their students.

School Bus Safety Cameras:

  • From 2011 to 2012, the number of vehicles that passed school buses illegally in a single day rose 14.7% in a survey of bus drivers in 28 states according to the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services.
  • In 2012, an estimated 16 million vehicles passed school buses illegally according to the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services.
  • Since 1970, 39 percent (467) of all student school bus loading and unloading fatalities (1,203) are attributed to passing vehicles according to the Kansas State Department of Education.
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