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SCOTTSDALE, AZ – New Jersey’s red-light safety cameras continue to enhance road safety according to the state’s second annual review of the pilot program. The report calls decreases in right-angle crashes and improvement in driver behavior “encouraging” trends and recommends the program remain under evaluation for its effects on safety, which thus far has reduced total crashes by as much as 57% over two years’ time.

At the 24 intersections with red-light safety cameras in use for one year, total right-angle crashes decreased 15% from the previous year. At the two intersections with cameras in use for two years, right-angle crashes decreased 57% after one year with cameras and 86% in the second year with red-light safety cameras in operation. The right-angle crash is the only type of collision that is directly attributed to red-light running.

Another encouraging trend in the report issued by the New Jersey Department of Transportation is the decrease in citations being issued over time, which indicates drivers are changing their behavior. Total citations issued after one year decreased 50% from month one to month 12, but decreased 85% from month one to month 24 at the locations with longer-running programs. According to the report, the program is making a difference among drivers. “While there is no expectation that citations will drop to zero, there is an expectation that driver behavior will change with the Red Light Running system, and these locations appear to be fulfilling these expectations,” the report states.

Several locations using ATS red-light safety cameras turned in notable safety improvements in terms of fewer right-angle crashes and fewer citations issued, including:

  • Right-angle crashes decreased 87.5% after one year of camera operation at the intersection of Route 41 and Deptford Center Drive, in Deptford Township.
  • Right-angle crashes diminished 57% in the first year with red-light safety cameras at the U.S. Route 1 and South Park Avenue intersection in Linden.
  • Citations decreased 87.8% from the first month of the program to the 12th month in Gloucester Township at the intersection of Blackwood-Clementon Road and Erial Road.
  • Citations decreased 70% in the program’s first year in Woodbridge Township at the intersection of Route 1 and Avenel Street.

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