Seattle, WA – Following a successful one-year pilot program with American Traffic Solutions, Inc., Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels announced the city will install an additional 24 red light cameras at 19 intersections during 2008, bringing the total to 30 red light cameras in use at 22 intersections citywide.

“There is no excuse for running a red light,” Nickels said. “An instant of recklessness or neglect can take a life or cause serious injury. Expanding this successful program will make our streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.”

Nickels was joined by City Councilmembers Nick Licata and Tom Rasmussen, who have helped lead the effort to install cameras and expand the program. The mayor and City Council have both made improving pedestrian safety a top priority in Seattle.

“The increased use of red light cameras is intended to make drivers slow down and pay attention, or pay a fine if they don’t,” Licata said. “I hope to see the city add more each year until we change our driving behavior.”

“There has been a 50 percent reduction of moving violations at intersections where cameras are now in place,” Rasmussen said. “The cameras are already proving effective in creating safer streets and neighborhoods.”

“Red light cameras are showing themselves to be an important tool to reduce injury accidents at dangerous intersections and enhance pedestrian safety at the same time,” said Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske.

Seattle Contact: Martin Mcomber, (206) 684-8358

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