Improving Bus Lane Efficiency and Increasing Ridership

Municipalities searching for solutions to congested, costly and polluted daily commutes, especially in heavy traffic corridors are looking to programs with Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems.

Dedicated bus lanes are becoming a popular feature of many municipalities’ commuter plans. Ensuring that those lanes are free from unnecessary congestion is key to the success of those programs.

The use of these bus lanes is generally restricted to certain types of traffic – vehicles turning and emergency vehicles. All too often motorists illegally use bus lanes as a short cut creating an enforcement challenge for metro and transit police.


LaneClear Automated Bus Lane Compliance Solution

LaneClear is an effective tool for ensuring that only vehicles legally allowed to travel in designated bus and commuter lanes do so.

LaneClear uses sophisticated technology to identify vehicles traveling in bus lanes. It reads the license plate and checks it against databases of authorized vehicles. The system captures images and video of vehicles illegally using the bus lane pairing them with a back-end solution that creates evidence packages for law enforcement’s review and approval. Approved citations are mailed to the vehicle’s registered owner.

LaneClear deployment options – Fixed and Mobile – provide municipalities the ability to customize solutions to the unique needs of their commuters and city. Fixed deployments enable continuous enforcement of areas that are prone to chronic violators. Mobile deployment is a versatile and efficient option for enforcing bus lane compliance throughout the bus’ entire route, as well as multiple routes.