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ATS speed safety camera solutions leverage advanced detection technology, high-resolution imaging and high-definition video to accurately identify, capture and record speeding vehicles. With multiple deployment options to choose from, ATS empowers municipalities and law enforcement agencies with the ability to customize speed enforcement efforts to best enhance safety in their community.

Speed Safety Camera Solutions

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Deployment Options

Fixed – Fixed speed safety cameras provide effective and continuous speed coverage in communities across the country. Three-dimensional (3D) tracking radar, high-resolution images, high-definition video and live streaming are all included in this non-invasive system.

Transportable – Transportable speed safety cameras offer the performance of a fixed camera, with the flexibility of a mobile or hand-held unit. The built-in high-resolution camera can be configured to trigger at different speeds at different times of the day.

Mobile – Mobile speed safety cameras provide communities with the flexibility to take enforcement on the open road. The uniquely compact system can be installed into various vehicles including SUVs and police cruisers.

Handheld – ATS StreetSafe™ is a handheld speed safety camera solution that enables law enforcement to enforce speed in their community without having to put themselves or others in harm’s way. Unlike traditional handheld systems, ATS StreetSafe allows an officer to capture, review and issue speed citations safely from the roadside. For more information click here.

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