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Kaufman, TX–School bus stop arm cameras that capture video of vehicles illegally passing stopped school buses will soon be installed on school buses in Kaufman County, according to the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office. The program will be implemented as part of the Kaufman County School Zone Safety Camera Program.

CrossingGuard® School Bus Stop-Arm Safety Cameras are scheduled for installation on two buses this month in Kaufman and Wills ISD. The program will go live March 2. Drivers captured on video running the stop arm face a $350 fine. Sheriff’s deputies will review, approve or reject, and issue all violations.

“This program complements our new school zone speed safety camera with a new level of protection for our children. Students are most vulnerable when they are getting on and off their school buses, but these cameras will help my sheriff’s office reduce the threat. We will simultaneously educate drivers and enforce the law, making travel to and from school in Kaufman County safer,” said Sheriff David Byrnes.

In conjunction with the start of the program, the schools, sheriff’s office and American Traffic Solutions have released a video Public Service Announcement (PSA) to help educate the community about this important student safety initiative. The video explains how the CrossingGuard® school bus stop arm safety solution works, highlights the role of law enforcement, and informs viewers of the penalties issued and the importance of school bus safety. 

The video can be viewed here:

CrossingGuard® is a completely automated, turnkey system that allows school bus drivers to focus on what is most important – the safety of their passengers. To date, nationwide, less than 1 percent of the drivers who have received a school bus stop-arm violation from a CrossingGuard® camera, have received a second violation, indicating a positive change in driver behavior.

Texas is not immune to this threat. On one day in 2014, 8,477 school bus drivers in Texas witnessed 9,317 vehicles passing their buses while they were stopped to let children on or off, according to the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services (NASDPTS). Throughout a 180-day school year, these sample results point to more than 1.67 million violations by private motorists in Texas.

“Our priority is to protect children on their way to and from school. This enforcement tool will help us accomplish our mission by changing driver behavior and reducing the number of vehicles illegally passing stopped school buses. At the end of the day, our children will be better protected,” said Sheriff David Byrnes.

ATS is proud to be the market leader in road safety camera installations in North America. Nationally, ATS has more than 3,500 installed red-light, speed and school bus stop arm safety cameras serving more than 30 million people. For more information, please visit:

Capt. F. Klingelberger #2221
Public Information Officer
Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office