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“American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is gratified that the Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA) report affirms that red-light safety cameras reduce fatalities and injuries at Florida intersections where they are deployed.  Furthermore, as the report straight-forwardly acknowledges, and we agree, improved data collection and analysis is needed to better understand the contradictory, inconsistent and incomplete information related to rear-end and side-angle crash data.

In July 2013, Senator Jeff Brandes sponsored several updates to the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act which became law and are just now taking effect. These included changes to the issuance of right on red violations and the appeals process.  In its report OPPAGA offers several additional recommendations to further improve the program statewide. We look forward to working constructively with our customers and the legislature to enhance the effectiveness of Florida’s red-light safety camera law.

 ATS Red-Light Safety Cameras in Florida

Additional relevant information and facts relating to the efficacy of red light safety camera programs include:

  • In December, the Florida Department of Highway and Traffic Safety found that during 2013, 95% of vehicles issued a red-light running violation did not receive a second.
  • A separate analysis released in December by the National Center for Statistics and Analysis, an office of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, shows red-light running fatalities decreased 27% in Florida, from 83 fatalities in 2011 to 61 in 2012, outpacing the nation’s 5% decrease. The 22 lives saved amount to an economic savings to communities of more than $132 million.
  • Pursuant to the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act, a portion of all red-light running fines issued through red-light safety camera programs goes to help injured people. To date, more than $5 million has gone to the Miami Project, which researches new treatments for persons living with spinal and brain injuries, many of which are the result of traffic crashes and more than $16 million to trauma centers throughout the state.
  • In the three years since the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act became law, the average number of citations issued per camera/ per month statewide has decreased by 40%.

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