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TAMPA – A new analysis by well-respected traffic safety design and engineering firm, Kimley-Horn Associates Inc., clearly shows that St. Petersburg’s red-light safety camera program is bringing significant safety benefits to the city. Violations, crashes, injuries and costs related to red-light running have all decreased at the approaches where they were installed in November of 2011. Read report here.

Kimley-Horn prepared the analysis for the St. Petersburg City Council and compared the previous three years of crash data prior to the installation of red-light safety cameras to a full year with the cameras active. Approaches with cameras saw a 25 percent decline in red-light running related crashes and a corresponding 39 percent reduction in the rate of injury.  Additionally, the study found that rear-end collisions at red-light approaches also fell by 15 percent.  It is important to note that not all intersection approaches are monitored by red-light safety cameras. ONLY intersection approaches monitored by red-light safety cameras were included in this analysis. Many intersections had approaches both with, and without red-light safety cameras leading to confusion over the role cameras played in reducing collisions crashes.  This report clarifies the crash reductions at monitored approaches.

Further noted in the report was that 64 percent of the violations issued were given to vehicles registered outside the City of St. Petersburg.  Based on ATS’ records, 92 percent of the vehicles that received and paid those violation did not receive a second indicating a change in driver behavior.

The angle or T-bone collision is the most dangerous type of intersection crash, and the type red-light safety cameras are used to deter. Typically, an intersection T-bone collision ends in injury or death to someone other than the red-light runner. In 2010, Florida was the third most deadly state in the nation for red-light running related fatalities.

St. Petersburg has 298 intersections with 1093 approaches. Currently only 22 of the 1093 approaches are monitored by red-light safety cameras. The city is hoping to expand the program to nine additional approaches in 2013.

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