Toll Authority Support

With its high-quality Plate-to-Person Matching service, DMVconnect™ enables Toll Authorities to turn out-of-state license plates into people, making invoicing and violation processing possible.


This Plate-to-Person toll authority service allows access to owner registration information for vehicles throughout the United States and Canada, including government plates, through a secure data transfer utilizing the existing internet connection. This system increases revenue while it decreases the accounts receivable. From a State standpoint, it is able to process 80-90% of violations incurred by vehicles with out-of-state license plates that would previously have gone uncollected. DMVconnect yields an almost immediate return on investment and is a simple, quick, low-cost implementation with no additional equipment or installation required for a system of it’s kind. Optional skip-tracing services are also available through DMVconnect.

How DMVconnect Works

When a vehicle with out-of-state license plates unlawfully or accidentally passes through a cashless toll, the Toll Authority adds the vehicle’s license plate details to an electronic file where the event assigned a unique transaction number. Through a secure Internet connection, the Toll Authority submits the out-of-state violating vehicle file to DMVconnect™. DMVconnect™ automatically converts the data file to the format required by each DMV database and submits each violation event to the appropriate DMV. Vehicle owner registration information is secured from the DMVs for as many violating vehicles as possible. DMVconnect™ automatically verifies the owner registration information against a Change of Address database to ensure accuracy. Skip-tracing services also can be performed. The vehicle owner registration information for out-of-state violating vehicles is sent back to the Toll Authority via the secure Internet connection.

For more information on how DMVconnect can help Toll Authorities increase revenue by tracking down out-of-state toll violators, visit our Commercial Services website.