Toll Management

ATS developed PlatePass®, a Centralized Electronic Toll Payment service that enables fleets to take advantage of high-speed, cashless toll lanes with or without an in-vehicle transponder. With its centralized controls, reporting and payment processing, PlatePass® does for tolling what fuel cards have done for fuel management.

PlatePass® Centralized Electronic Toll Payment

PlatePass eliminates complex and high-cost toll-violation processing through it’s cashless electronic toll collection method. This system reduces fleet and driver liabilities for toll violations and requires no capital investment for transponders or major technology. It utilizes secure web-accessible performance monitoring, management reporting and analytical tools, as well as a single set of interfaces to independent US toll authorities.

How PlatePass® Works

PlatePass® is an automated Electronic Toll Payment Service that enables rental car customers to use high speed, cashless toll lanes to avoid having to stop and pay tolls with cash. With the exception of the E-ZPass toll roads, PlatePass® is available to rental car customers without the use of a transponder in the vehicle.

PlatePass® Toll Payment Service is currently offered by Hertz and Advantage – two of the nation’s largest rental car companies, and is available on some of the largest toll roads in the United States.

For more information on how ATS can develop a tailored Toll and Violation Management Solution that will put your fleet − and your profits − back in the fast lane, visit our Commercial Services website.