Scottsdale, AZ-– Red-light safety cameras in New Jersey are all about safety and are a big success is the message delivered by law enforcement officials and municipal leaders in a new video released by American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the vendor for 18 of the 25 municipalities in the state that are part of the red-light camera pilot program launched by a state law signed in 2008.

The video, which can be viewed here, features interviews with law enforcement officials from Brick Township, Glassboro Borough, the city of Linden and Union Township, four of the municipalities where ATS operates red-light safety cameras.  The video also features comments from the mayors of Brick and Linden.

Chief Alex Fanfarillo, of the Glassboro Police Department, along with Captain John Rein, of the Brick Township Police Department; Director Dan Zieser, of the Union Township Police Department; Sergeant Michael Babulski, with the Linden Police; and Mayors Steve Acropolis, of Brick Township and Richard Gerbounka, of Linden, were all interviewed as part of this educational video meant to inform the public about the benefits and successes of red-light safety cameras.

The individuals in this video deal with dangerous intersections in their towns and municipalities every day.  Their testimonials highlight their steadfast support for their programs and emphasize the impact the cameras have made in their towns.

Following are some quotes taken from the video:

Mayor Richard Gerbounka, Linden

“I am more than pleased with the progress the red-light cameras have made in our town.  Our T-bone accidents, which are the most serious accidents at an intersection, are down by 33%, and I know it’s modified driving behavior of residents because they have told me so.”

 Dan Zieser, Director, Union Township Police

“We have noticed a drop in the accidents at the three locations where we have the cameras and the people we do talk to that have received the summonses repeat time and again: ’I won’t do it again,’ or ‘I have to watch and make sure I stop.’”

“One of the biggest concerns was people were afraid of rear-end accidents if the person in front jammed on their brakes.  We have seen none of that.”

 Chief Alex Fanfarillo, Glassboro Police Department:

“It’s not about money, it’s about safety. If one murder is too much, then one accident is too many. A result of an accident can be serious bodily harm or death.  If we can eliminate or bring down to a bare minimum that occurrence at an intersection there is no better reward for us as a police department, town, borough and municipality to have such a proactive system at that intersection. It speaks for itself.”

As part of the video, Captain John Rein of Brick Township describes the process of how law enforcement officers examine each and every violation:

 “By statute, the officers have to review every violation that comes through the events that are captured by the camera. The officers have to look at every violation. They have to look at the photos, match the license plate and match the vehicle and make sure everything is in order with that and also look at the 12 seconds of video. Pictures alone will not tell you if it’s a violation. You can see in the video if a person may have made an attempt to stop and didn’t actually complete the violation. It is a check and balance.”

Law enforcement and public officials in New Jersey that are experiencing the benefits of the red-light safety cameras know too well the dangers associated with red-light running.  Anyone who questions their impact or chalks up their placement at intersections as nothing but a revenue-generator for municipalities should take note of Sergeant Michael Babulski’s interview:

Sergeant Michael Babulski, Linden Police Department

It is difficult to get a phone call at 3 a.m. in the morning and respond to the scene of an accident when I know when I get the call that there is going to be someone seriously injured or dead at the scene. To have to go and inform a family of the loss of a loved one is extremely difficult, and I have had to do that a lot less since the red-light cameras have come online.

About American Traffic Solutions:

 ATS is proud to be the market leader in road safety camera installations in North America. ATS has more than 3,000 installed red-light and speed safety cameras serving more than 30 million people. ATS has contracts in nearly 300 communities in 21 states and Washington, D.C., including: Fort Worth, Kansas City, Memphis, Nassau County (N.Y.), New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Seattle and St. Louis. ATS also offers PlatePass, an automated electronic toll payment service that enables rental vehicle customers to use high-speed, cashless electronic toll lanes. ATS is a privately-owned, U.S. corporation. For more information, please visit: or  To view video that serves as a chilling reminder of the dangers that red-light runners present to our family and children; visit ATS on YouTube here: