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TEMPE, AZ – For the third consecutive year, the number of red-light running violations, captured by American Traffic Solutions’ red-light safety cameras in New Jersey is on the decline, indicating a widespread change in driver behavior. The decrease began with a 20 drop in average violations per camera per year from 2011-2012, then fell 19% from 2012 to 2013, and is on pace for a third straight year-over-year decrease with a 25% drop in the first eight months of 2014, compared to the same time period in the previous year. Overall, the average number of violations issued per camera dropped 74% from the first full month of operation, September 2010, to August 2014.

Additionally, nearly 90% of the drivers who have received a violation haven’t received a second, providing further evidence that driver behavior is changing for the better. Red-light safety cameras effectively influence driver behavior by providing local authorities with a daily, 24-hour enforcement tool at dangerous intersections. As the number of red-light running events decrease, the possibility of dangerous collisions also diminishes, creating a safer environment for everyone on the road.

In the Borough of Roselle Park, average monthly violations have decreased 65% from first full month of the program to August 2014. The number of one-time offenders reached 93% over the same time frame, which means that all but 7% of vehicle owners ticketed for running a red light understood the message the first time and did not repeat the behavior.

Roselle Park

“During the past several years that the Borough of Roselle Park has had the Red-Light Camera Program, red light violations have decreased at our red-light camera controlled intersection,” Roselle Park Police Chief Paul W. Morrison said. “Records indicate that 93% of those motorists who have been ticketed for red-light violations do not reoffend after receiving their first violation. This is a clear indication to me that the Red-Light Camera Program is educating the motoring public to the dangers of running red traffic lights, and thereby saving motorists from serious injuries or possible death due to red-light violations that most times result in vehicle crashes.”

The violation data is collected from ATS’ camera programs, the first of which began in 2010. Currently, ATS programs are in use in 17 cities and townships including: Deptford, East Brunswick, East Windsor, Glassboro, Gloucester, Jersey City, Lawrence, Linden, Monroe, Palisades Park, Piscataway, Pohatcong, Rahway, Roselle Park, Union Township, Wayne and Woodbridge.

According to the New Jersey Department of Transportation’s third annual analysis of the photo enforcement program in the original 25 cities and townships using red-light safety cameras, citation numbers along with traffic crashes are decreasing:

At the intersections with cameras in operation for three years,

  • Right-angle crashes are down 86%;
  • Rear-end crashes are 58% lower; and
  • Total crashes are down 72% from the year before installation to the third year of use.
  • Fewer crashes add up to a $246,200 reduction in crash severity costs.

At the locations with cameras in use for two years,

  • Right-angle crashes are down 60%;
  • Rear-end crashes are down 7%; and
  • Total crashes are down 27% from the year before installation to the second year of use.
  • Fewer crashes add up to $787,200 in reduced crash severity costs.

At the locations with cameras in use for one year,

  • Right-angle crashes are down 15%;
  • Rear-end crashes are down 3%; and
  • Total crashes are down 5% from the year before installation to the first year of use.
  • Fewer crashes add up to $2,176,100 in reduced crash severity costs.

“The goal of a red-light safety camera program is to change driver behavior, and in New Jersey that is exactly what has occurred. By reducing the number of crashes and costs, the program is helping to make New Jersey communities safer,” said Charles Territo, ATS Senior Vice President of Communications, Marketing and Public Affairs. “No wonder, recent polling shows a majority of voters in the state favor the continuation of the red-light safety camera pilot program.”

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