Violations Management

Also known as Driver Accountability™, VioLogics™ not only manages the citation process but also dramatically reduces risk and costs to fleets by enabling fleet managers/owners to transfer liability to drivers. VioLogics™ is an Electronic Violation Processing service that helps fleet managers/owners maximize cost savings and minimize driver-related challenges associated with violations.

VioLogics™ Electronic Violation Processing

VioLogics Electronic Violation Processing system eliminates the headaches associated with processing fleet violations. This system transfers responsibility and liability to drivers with ease and flexibility, increasing driver accountability for their own tickets and driving behavior. VioLogics dramatically reduces, if not eliminates entirely, the risk of penalties, registration holds, boots and tow, as well as unpaid tickets. It has the ability to manage violations of shared vehicle fleets through an online system, and is fully integratable with fleets utilizing Fleet Management Companies. It is also a more cost effective process saving as much as 80-90% over the existing processes.

How VioLogics™ Works

When your fleet signs up for VioLogics™ or Driver Accountability™, you will be asked to register for the service by providing some basic information, including your driver’s license number and date of birth. Your cooperation with registration will help VioLogics™ give you the most options for managing the violation and getting the benefits of liability transfer.

Once you have completed the one-time registration, VioLogics™ does the rest. You won’t need to worry about continuously checking the website — if anything should happen related to you or your fleet vehicle, we will contact you, letting you know that a violation has been reported and giving you the information you need to either pay or dispute the citation.

For more information on how VioLogics™ allows fleet managers/owners to set the rules for how violations and driver relationships are managed, visit our Commercial Services website.