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TRENTON, NJ —  A new “frame-by-frame analysis” of a video released last week aimed at undermining New Jersey’s red-light safety camera program, shows the yellow light timing at New Jersey approaches with red-light safety cameras to be clearly in compliance with state law.

The video, refuting the video’s claims can be found here:

“Further analysis of the amateur video shows what we’ve known to be the case all along,” said Charles Territo, spokesperson for American Traffic Solutions. “The yellow light timing at New Jersey red-light safety camera approaches always has been and always will be, in compliance with state law.”

In the analysis, it appears that the timer is arbitrarily started. However, when reviewing the video on a frame-by-frame basis, New Jersey’s amber times are revealed to be completely accurate. In several of the videos the timer is found to have either started late or stopped prior to the light turning red. This CLEARLY illustrates the errors in the analysis performed by the so-called “traffic safety expert” of a group known for its opposition to seat belts, speed limits, child safety seats, airbags and red-light safety cameras.

“Apparently there is no limit to what some are willing to say or do to manufacture outrage over what has otherwise been a very successful public safety initiative,” added Territo.

New Jersey’s 2008 law enacting the red-light safety camera pilot program specifies yellow light time to be a minimum of 3 seconds if at least 85 percent of the vehicular traffic approaching the traffic signal is traveling at 25 mph or less. For each 5 mph increase in vehicle speed above 30 mph, the minimum duration of the yellow light must be increased by 0.5 seconds, according to the legislation. In July 2012, New Jersey Department of Transportation found all intersections with red-light cameras to be in compliance with yellow light duration.

Statewide, there are 25 municipalities with red-light safety cameras. Townships with ATS cameras include: Brick, Deptford, East Brunswick, East Windsor, Glassboro, Gloucester, Jersey City, Lawrence, Linden, Monroe, Palisades Park, Piscataway, Pohatcong, Rahway, Roselle Park, Union, Wayne and Woodbridge.

About American Traffic Solutions:

ATS is proud to be the market leader in road safety camera installations in North America, and in New Jersey where ATS contracts with Brick Township, Jersey City, Linden and 15 other municipalities. Nationally, ATS has more than 3,200 installed red-light, speed safety cameras and school bus stop arm cameras serving more than 30 million people. For more information, please visit:  ATS can also be found on Twitter, @ATS_Roadsafety; Facebook, ATSolutions; and YouTube, ATSROADSAFETY.