JACKSON, TN (Jan. 27, 2010) – For the first time in 25 years, no deaths occurred as the result of a traffic crash in Jackson, TN, the city announced at a news conference this morning. In 2006, the year the Jackson Police Department began utilizing American Traffic Solutions’ (ATS’) technology-based systems to enforce traffic laws, 12 people were killed. In 2007 the number was reduced by half to six. In 2008 the number of people killed was cut in half again to three. Last year there were no fatalities due to traffic collisions.

Police Chief Gill Kendrick stated, “The Jackson Police Department would like very much to offer both thanks and congratulations to the people of Jackson on this accomplishment. Certainly the red-light cameras and the speed van are not entirely responsible for the decrease. It takes the support of Judge Blake Anderson, who has made safer roadways a priority at City Court. It takes the work done by the engineering department, which has made improvements to roadways that enhance safety. Mostly, it takes the efforts of drivers to be more cognizant of safety each and every time they get in a vehicle.”

Chief Kendrick further stated, “People sometimes criticize the red-light cameras and speed van. Please keep in mind that we are not asking citizens to do anything new. We are just asking citizens to stop at red lights and obey the speed limit. Those who simply obey the traffic laws will never participate in the photo safety program. To ensure the safety of the citizens of Jackson, the officers of the Jackson Police Department will continue their intensive efforts to remove impaired drivers from the roadways. Because speeding, running red lights and non-compliance with the safety belt and child restraint laws place people in danger, these laws will continue to be vigorously enforced as well.”

Mayor Jerry Gist remarked, “Having zero traffic fatalities last year is quite an accomplishment. Public safety is one of city government’s most important responsibilities. No higher honor can be bestowed on a human endeavor than to save human lives, and the citizens of Jackson and the public safety efforts of city staff well deserve this honor. One of our greatest fears is that we will receive a phone call saying that a loved one has died in a traffic accident. Fortunately, not one family had to receive that call during 2009.”

ATS has been serving the City of Jackson with intersection safety cameras since July 2006. The speed van was added in September 2009. Red-light cameras are located at four intersections in the city: 45 By-Pass @ Oil Well Dr., 45 By-Pass @ Channing Way, Highland @ Carriage House Dr. and N. Highland @ Old Hickory Rd. One speed van deploys at different locations throughout the city to discourage drivers from speeding.

“ATS would like to add our congratulations to the City of Jackson and its citizens for reaching such an important safety milestone,” said James Tuton, ATS president and CEO. “Jackson is an outstanding example of what can be achieved when the police department, the courts, the citizens and elected officials all work together to save lives. ATS is proud to support their efforts with our technology.”

ATS has operated photo traffic safety programs in Tennessee since 2005. Currently, ATS serves the communities of Memphis, Bluff City, Gallatin, Germantown, Jackson, Mt. Juliet and Red Bank. ATS is also in the process of installing camera safety systems in Millington and Medina.

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